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We are a leader in the provision of financing for clean energy, electric appliances that provide people with a better quality of life and opportunities to increase and diversify their income. We also provide a digital platform that allows you to automate your payments and integrate them with mobile money serving your revenue model by ensuring cash is digitized and accounted for using our API. Our platform allows you to generate reports and track your customers' payments easily


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About Us

PowerPay is our IOT Software for Clean Energy, equipment and electronic appliances. PowerPay IP is trademarked in Kenya and owned by Green Innovation Ventures Enterprises Ltd(GIVE Ltd) . It enables us to provide high-quality clean energy systems and intelligent appliances through affordable and flexible prepaid installments stretched over a period of time in Kenya and Sub-Saharan Africa .;/ Our systems allow off-grid low-income households and businesses to access and acquire clean energy through small-scale mobile repayments. Our Goal is to to help in the attainment of The UN’s SDG 7. The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 7 centres around achieving access to affordable, reliable and sustainable modern energy for all by 2030. Currently, 1.2 billion people worldwide - one in every six people on the planet - do not have access to electricity, close to 600m people in Sub-Saharan Africa. Based on a business-as-usual scenario, some 780 million people are projected to remain without it by 2030. Communities often face many challenges in obtaining electricity access. These range from the prohibitively high cost of a connection, to the challenges of informal housing, the impact of power theft on services and socio-political marginalization. In many cases, these obstacles are difficult to address successfully. However, recent advances in distributed renewable energy technologies mean a more affordable, faster to deploy, cleaner alternative is at hand in Africa. One that can step in where policy and utility reforms are wanting. A radical new approach is needed if this worrying trend is to be corrected and one of the reason why PowerPay was founded.

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